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As every quilt is unique, so is the price to quilt each quilt. Please contact us to discuss the many options available to you. We know your quilt is special and we will treat it that way.

Quilting Services:

Basic Edge to Edge ~ 1.5 cents per square inch
  Covers your quilt top with an overall pattern. Great for quilts which will receive a lot of wear. The quickest and least expensive option. Contact us for information on pattern options, or let us choose one which will compliment your quilt.
Designer Edge to Edge ~ 2 to 4 cents per square inch
  These are also overall patterns, but are more complicated and detailed. They take more time and use more thread, but they maybe the special touch you are looking for.
Separate border designs ~
  Sometimes you would like your borders to be special. Using a coordinating design for your borders will add to the elegance of your quilt. Add an additional 1-cent per square inch for the border areas only.
Custom Quilting ~ We have many beautiful block and border patterns available.
  If you want something really special for your quilt we would be happy to work with you. Price depends on the amount of time and thread involved.

Other Services:


Binding with your material:

Additional preparation work: